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Andreja Kargačin


Andreja Kargačin (Novi Sad, 1999) is the first artist selected for the residencies of the Peripheral Visions project: within the frame of the project, due to the European Capital of Culture GO! 2025, artists arriving from around the world will involve citizens of the Italian-Slovenian cross-border area with co-creation, training, teaching and collective research activities, focusing on the most significant and complex questions regarding local identity. She is an interdisciplinary artist from Novi Sad (Serbia), born in theatre and approached performance through her background in dance and drama studies in Belgrade. Originally from a “multi-ethnic and paradoxical” part of the Balkans, she shapes her interest in the grey areas of history and the role of collective memory through work on the body, adopting the lesson of Marina Abramović, Mladen Miljanović and other undisputed performers who have given voice to the Balkans in the contemporary age.


Research topics of the residency and expected outcomes

The starting point of Andreja’s research is the relationship between genders in the context of totalitarian regimes, with the desire to investigate the topic in relation to the phenomenon of “border fascism”. The artist’s attention was sparked by visiting the Central State Archives in Rome, where she was captured by the love correspondence between Mussolini and his lover, Claretta Petacci: it was precisely from the study of Petacci’s words that the artist wondered how pervasive the legacy of a dictatorship can be.

Kargačin’s research will therefore develop through the investigation of how border fascism contributed to shaping the relationship between women and men, following different methods:

  • Multi-linguistic investigations, which lead the artist (Serbian mother tongue, and strongly influenced by the history of her family in relation to the Tito’s regime) to become familiar with Slovenian and Italian, languages which are both mixing in the border area and carrying the legacy of dictatorships

  • Research involving archives and written sources, such as old letters and pictures

  • Use of the body: the artist is a performer, advocate of the so-called “embodiment” process: Andreja recognizes that the traumas of history got stratified in our body and its postures, generation after generation, and she wants to show this to the observer

The result will be a durational performance, “Clara or a Dollhouse”, a multi-layered artistic act that merges a multi-disciplinary approach, giving centrality to multilingualism and the body – a body “as symbolic and political as ever”.


Events and activities with the artist

Breakfast with the artist & the historian!

Collective workshop on the topic of the gender in border fascism

Saturday, June the 22nd 2024

10:00-12:00 AM @ Caffè Centrale, Gradisca d’Isonzo (in case of rain, at the B#Side Gallery nextdoor)

The workshop, open to participants of all ages, aims to collect information and testimonies useful for the performance “Clara or a Dollhouse”, drawing on the thoughts and memories of the participants to shape the artistic action. People are invited to participate, bringing with them family and historical recollections on the role of women during fascism. The laboratory is prodromal to the definition of the performance framework, focused on the relationship between genders in totalitarian regimes, with a specific focus on “border fascism”. The dialogue with participants at the breakfast will be led by the historian Federico Tenca Montini (Institute for Historical Studies of the Science and Research Center Koper) and the artist, who investigated the correspondence between Mussolini and Claretta Petacci, kept in the Italian Central Archives of the State. During the breakfast, there will be readings from Ritanna Armeni’s “Mara. Una donna del ‘900” (Mara. A woman of the 20th century) and Alessandro Del Puppo’s “Arte contemporanea. Tra le due guerre” (Contemporary art. Between the two wars) of the University of Udine.

Residencies and events in collaboration with UNG, Comune di Gradisca d’Isonzo.
Events and activities are open and free on reservation:


“Clara or a Dollhouse”– Collective building of a performance

Workshop for girls and boys (10-15 years) during the city summer camp (max 40 participants)

Tuesday, June the 25th 2024

8:00 AM – 01:00 PM @ Summer Camp in Gradisca d’Isonzo

With the contribution of the artist and with the collaboration of the art therapists and educators of Comfort Zone, the relationship between genders during the short century will be investigated further, using contemporary art practices: starting from the concept of the box (which may represent a cage, a delimited perimeter, an element of oppression or containment) the role between genders during dictatorships will be explored, thoroughly involving young participants.


“Date 0” of the performance “Clara or a Dollhouse” by Andreja Kargačin

Friday, June the 28th 2024

8 PM @ Monte di Pietà Palace, Gradisca d’Isonzo

The first performative restitution of Andreja Kargačin’s research in residence: a first representation of the performance “Clara or a Dollhouse” dedicated to the theme of the relationship between genders in the context of dictatorships and totalitarian regimes.
It is a “time-based” performance: time and its passage play a significant role in the performative act, which combines theatre and sound, giving centrality to multilingualism and to the body – a body “as symbolic and political as ever”. A debate with all those present will follow, to gather their impressions, opinions, feelings and suggestions.